Business software vendor for industry and the healthcare sector. Also Digital Services Enterprise, with expertise in infrastructure and collaborative solutions.

Our businesses

CAD/CAM software

Alma has been a specialist in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting for more than 40 years. It is one of the world leaders in CAD/CAM software for 2D/3D cutting, sheet metal working and robotized welding. These applications are completed by a set of modules centered on production management and integration into industrial companies’ information systems. Our software products are an essential link between CAD, ERP and the shop floor in the digital chain for sheet metal working and machine welding, responding to the challenges of Industry 4.0. We also commercialize our cutting optimization algorithms in the form of software components. The resulting invaluable technical expertise ensures we are able to perfect our products, to achieve optimum satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Software for Healthcare

We are specialists in the pharmaceutical preparations circuit, designing our Healthcare software for hospital and community pharmacies. Our software products secure all the business processes for prescription, preparation, dispensing and administration of pharmaceutical preparations. They cover hospital and dispenser’s preparations, the parenteral nutrition pouches circuit, the chemotherapy circuit, the analgesic intrathecal preparations circuit, and milk kitchens. They are used every day by numerous community pharmacies as well as a hundred or so hospital institutions in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia and Algeria.

Collaborative solutions

Applications to share information and work better together. We are developing innovative collaboration methods and tools to support organizations in their digital conversion: improvements in data exchange, sharing requirement solutions, automation of interfaces, tracking of processes and also in their data control and analysis.

Systems and networks

Digital services and IT security solutions in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Our expertise in Microsoft/Open Source enables us to advise and support our customers (businesses, administrations, associations) in their acquisition and deployment of IT infrastructures. In particular we provide solutions for every kind of IT security issue.



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An expert company, inventive, multi-disciplinary and a cooperative.

Alma has gradually developed its activities in several IT sectors, motivated by the desire to innovate. When Alma was first founded in 1979, the decision was taken to be a cooperative company. All Alma’s shares are held by its employees. We have introduced original practices for organization of and participation in the company.

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